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about vila Alice

The beginnings of Villa Alice in its current form date back to the second half of the 19th century. Alice’s personal story will lead you back to that time and provide you with an insight into the work and life of her grandfather, Benedikt Lergetporer.
Alice herself is a key element of the interesting story, based on which your holiday in Bled will come together in a meaningful whole. By listening to Alice’s spirit, whose presence can still be felt walking around the villa, you can conjure up images of the past and connect them to the present.
“My grandfather, the first Bled photographer and cartographer, moved to the town in the 1980s with his wife Maria – my grandmother – and their three daughters – Eleonora, Berta and Romana, the latter being my mother. At the time, Bled was regarded as one of the most beautiful spa resorts in this part of Europe. The villa in Bled was their holiday residence, and in the annex Benedikt designed the first Bled photography studio. The family spent the summer months in Bled and the winter months in Mali Lošinj in Croatia, which at the time was regarded as a rehabilitation centre.
Benedikt enjoyed exploring Bled with its surrounding breathtaking, unspoilt nature, just as he had already done in his native Tyrol. So, why don’t you take a walk along the paths that Benedikt discovered with a camera in his hand?, I ask you. By photographing the awakening nature, snow-capped peaks and historically important events related to mountaineering, he spread the word about the beauties of today’s Gorenjska region to the wider world.
I am enclosing a map that you can use to take a walk around Bled and its surroundings and try to capture the same shots at the marked points as Benedikt immortalised with his camera 150 years ago. After completing the hiking trail, you can share your photos on your Instagram profile under the hashtag #framebledwithlove, and, in doing so, also help to spread interest in places in Slovenia, just like my grandfather used to.
It could be said that, despite his foreign roots, Benedikt helped ensure the development of Slovenian culture, supported its development and aroused interest in Slovenia’s natural attributes, of which many were not even aware of at the time. Respect for the environment, national dress and tradition was the basic principle of his work, which actually laid a solid foundation for hiking tourism today in Slovenia and led to it becoming known throughout the world. Thirty years of professional photography also played a crucial role in the discovery of one of Slovenia’s most visited natural wonders – Vintgar gorge.
The love for nature that Benedikt left through his photographs are a lasting and priceless memory that has remained deeply rooted in our family. After my grandfather’s death, my mother Romana and her husband, Dante Lussin, took over the photography studio on Mali Lošinj. When my father died, the studio passed into my hands, however, due to the onset of World War II, it unfortunately didn’t have a bright future.
My family’s photographic legacy is considered a historically important archive that can only be dreamt about today … We dream the way I, Alice, dreamt. The villa where you are now staying is named after me. I know that at the time – the beginning of the 20th century – my image was completely unacceptable. The image of a young girl who didn’t put enough effort into her marriage and preferred to dream of travelling far away to places that were inspiring, different and imbued with beautiful nature… Therefore, could a stay at Villa Alice be anything other than the inspiring, different places described above?
All of the above will caress your soul and body as you, like me, soak up the energy of the sun’s rays and discover natural medicine by participating in herbal workshops. Taking a mental leap into the wealth of events of the past here at Villa Alice offers a departure from everyday stress, which you simply put to the back of your mind while relaxing over fango therapy or during a sound bath. Fortified by healthy vegetarian breakfasts featuring local food, you will be able to set out, full of energy, to explore the surrounding unspoilt nature and to enjoy all that is good and pleasant, as did I and my grandfather Benedikt,
After staying at Villa Alice for a few days, your body and soul will feel reborn, calmer and more relaxed.
This is also what your view of the world can become, and, in doing so, establish a desire to return to visit us again.
May good energy lead you to a magical world.”

our offer


hosts 8-10 people
5 double bed bedrooms
big dining room for breakfast
and other meals
suitable for families


hosts 8-10 people
5 double bed bedrooms
big dining room for breakfast
and other meals
suitable for families

price list

ALICE room price list

overnight stay / night / room for two people 1/1/2024 – until cancellation

Superior double room ……….€222


Double room……….€179

Single room ……….€125

Photo studio……….€222


The price includes: overnight stay (WIFI, air conditioning), internet access, VAT


  • pet 20,00 €
  • city tax 3,13€
  • Parking extra car 20€ per day
  • E charging 0,70€ hour
  • breakfast 12,00 € per person
  • savna: 35 €
  • 1 night: 20%
  • 2 nights 10%
  • use of kitchen for cooking 20€ per day
  • pool gratis
  • massage 50€
  • laundry 30€ 1 maschine 5 kg
  • late check out 50% of the price
  • extra cleaning 20€
  • fresh towels gratis
  • coffee from the bar 2€



Check-in to the room: from 2:00 p.m.; Check-out from the room: until 10:00 a.m.

To confirm the reservation, we need an advance payment in the amount of 100% of the final amount.

You can arrange the advance payment by transfer to our TRR or by credit card.

Cancellation conditions For cancellation or non-arrival, 100% of the total value of the reservation will be charged.

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